$500 Musical Vignette Gift Songs by Will Taylor

$500 Musical Vignette Gift Songs by Will Taylor

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Musical Vignette Gift Songs |  Great for Christmas, anniversaries, breakups, dedications, weddings or any special occasion.

Get one or more, and feel the power of music!

You give me a set of dates (birthday, anniversaries etc) and I take the numbers and I magically source them into moving melodies, harmonies and textures to create a special piece crafted specifically for you. See the example in the video below... 

Here's what you get:
-Piece is at least 3 minutes long
-Recorded professionally
-Autographed sheet music
-Video of song with images you provide, family, friends ect, or we'll pick out for you.
- DVD/CD of final product
-Add a 30 min call to discuss your personal song for $50.00

Installments are welcome!

No need to worry about will it be delivered in time too!

We deliver the final composition via email and video download!