$1000 Platinum Musical Vignette Gift Songs by Will Taylor

$1000 Platinum Musical Vignette Gift Songs by Will Taylor

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Musical Vignette Gift Songs | Great for Christmas, anniversaries, breakups, dedications, weddings or any special occasion.

Get one or more, and feel the power of music!
You give me a set of dates (birthday, anniversaries etc) and I take the numbers and I magically source them into moving melodies, harmonies and textures to create a special piece crafted specifically for you. See the example in the video below...

Here's what you get:

-Piece is at least 3 minutes long
-Recorded professionally
-Autographed sheet music
-Video of song with images you provide, family, friends ect, or we'll pick out for you.
- DVD/CD of final product
- Full string arrangement (like what you hear on wild mountain thyme)
- Up to 1 hour private phone conversation to talk about the piece, the recipient, to really tailor it to your liking

Installment payments are welcome!

No need to worry about will it be delivered in time too!

We deliver the final composition via email and video download!