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For a number of years now we've been writing personal songs for people who follow our music. What this means is that people will hire us to write a song specifically for a person or situation in their life. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it totally is. Read on.

You can choose to have just an instrumental piece, we call those musical vignettes, or go for a full song with lyrics sourced from your life.

These songs are frequently gifts – frequently for a loved one – frequently a love song. But they can take all kinds of different forms. We've written music for weddings, anniversaries, breakups, and graduations. Everyone’s story is unique.

These songs can take a couple of different shapes, depending on the vision of the person they’re for. There is an intimate ‘acoustic version’ for people who want to keep things simple and stripped-down. For people who want something that sounds bigger, more like something from one of our albums, there is a ‘full production’ option. Checkout some of the examples below:

   Song for a Wedding based on a poem the couple loved
   Instrumental Vignette based on couples birthdates
   Instrumental Piece for a 10 year anniversary

   Watch a testimonial from a client here.

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